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Keith Taylor founder

Web Management Outsourcing for SMEs

I provide an all-in-one web management solution for small and medium sized local & ethical, businesses. From new to fully fledged businesses, I take care of your website and related services, so you can focus on running your business.

20+ Years Web Hosting Experience

Having worked for WiserHosting for 20years, I happen to know a thing or two about keeping your domain and related website services up and running smoothly.

Creating Long-Term Partnerships for Success

My incentives are clear. The success of DataDolphin Website Services will be exemplified by your positive word-of-mouth marketing. I am conscious of the fact that the service I offer reflects directly on me! I strive to provide and maintain a service that you can depend on and feel proud to be partnered with.

Human-Friendly Ethos With Helpful Can-Do Attitude

I believe in maintaining high standards of support & customer care. I’m  very approachable and speak your language – no robots here! And I never lose sight of my core values of Honesty, Integrity & Transparency.

Keith A Taylor – Founder

Embracing my essence as a master at being a jack of all trades, I have acquired many skills and developed a perspective that serves me well in whatever I do.


My eclectic background includes much travelling and living abroad over the years. My experience covers a wide range of interests including, but not limited to, graphic arts & photography, music, software + web development, psychology and life coaching. After the past 20 years working for a web hosting company, I started a data backup business in 2018 called Deep Blue Backup, some services of which are in fact bundled within DataDolphin Plans.


Honesty, integrity and transparency in the provisioning of quality b2b service to like-minded ethical businesses. Always looking to provide value with a down-to-earth approach and personal touch. DataDolphin Website Services is about genuine and long-term partnerships, supporting SME businesses throughout their development.

Skill Set

Hosting Administrator:
CloudLinux OS
DNS Management
Customer Support

Web Development:
WordPress, Divi, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript/JQuery, MySQL, Python/Django

Technology In Use

CloudLinux OS
LiteSpeed web server
WordPress & Divi
Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage


Hiscox Insurance
Professional Indemnity
Public Liability
Cyber & Data Insurance